Hey Taste-Explorers,

this is the last recipe of the snack week and I have three different sandwiches with an avocado-salmon filling, spinach-feta filling and a homemade beef tartare.
All three variations are super delicious and an absolute eye-catcher.

What you need:

Tramezzini or toast bread

For the avocado salmon rolls (amount is enough for 8-12 sandwiches)

125g cream cheese IMG_6221
1 avocado
250g smoked salmon
1 lemon
12 slices of Tramezzini


How to:

First, spread cream cheese on 8 slices of Tramezzini. Lay two rows of 4 Tramezzinis next to each other. The third row is just the 4 remaining Tramezzinis. (The result is a rectangle which is 4 Tramezzini wide and 3 Tramezzini high.)

Quarter the peeled and destoned avocado. Then cut it into thin slices. Place the avocado on the first row of Tramezzinis (they are with cream cheese).

Slice the lemon in half and squeeze the juice on the avocado slices and salt them.

Top these 4 sandwiches with the second row of Tramezzini, which are coated with cream cheese as well.

Then put the salmon on top of the second layer of Tremezzini and cover them with the remaining Tramezzini slice.

The finished sandwiches can be halved or quartered.
This is how you get 8 – 12 pieces.


For the spinach and feta sandwiches (amount is enough for 8 sandwiches)

8 slices of Tramezzini IMG_6182
250g feta
100g fresh baby spinach leaves
150g crème fraîche
100g cream cheese
½ teaspoon garlic powder


How to:

Finely crush the feta with a fork in a bowl. Then add cream cheese, crème fraîche, salt and garlic powder. Mix everything well together, until it’s creamy texture.

1st version:
Chop the spinach into fine slices and mixed under the cream. Spread this on top of the Tramezzini

2nd version:
Spread the feta mixture on the Tramezzini and place the spinach on top.


For the beef tartare (amount for 6 sandwiches)

250g minced beef filet – has to be cooled and fresh IMG_6226
1 egg yolk – fresh
1 tsp mustard
5 big capers
½ small onion
5 pickles
1 tbsp ketchup


How to:

The yolk, mustard, ketchup and a pinch of salt are mixed with the minced or finely chopped beef fillet.

Chop the onion, capers, and pickles very finely and add to the beef. Now mix everything together.

Tip: It tastes best on toasted white bread with a thin layer of butter underneath.


Nice and tasty day,




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