Hey Tatse-Explorers,

the first lunchbox contains a bread with a dried tomato spread, energy balls, pretzels and cucumber to dip into the hummus.

What you need:

For the spread – 2 servings IMG_6904
75g cream cheese
30g 3.5% yogurt
30g of dried tomatoes
5 leaves of fresh basil
5 leaves of fresh oregano
herb salt



For the Energy balls – about 12 balls (about 6 lunchboxes)
½ cup of oatmeal IMG_6898
½ cup almonds
½ cup coconut flakes
1 cup of dates (not fresh)
2 tablespoons shew puree





3 tablespoons hummus
1/3 cucumber or 1-2 snack cucumbers

How to:

For the spread, cut the dried tomatoes into small cubes and mince the fresh herbs. Now mix it with the cream cheese, yogurt, and herb salt.

Spread it on the bread and put it into the lunch box. (To keep the spread only on the bread, place s second slice of bread on top.)

In a mixer, add all dry ingredients and ground them finely. Then add the dates and the cashew puree to mix in, as well. Now, the finished, sticky mass form balls, which have the size of a golf ball.

The cucumber is halved and remove the inside with a spoon. Cut the cucumber halves cut into 3-4 thick stripes.

Place the hummus in a small container, which can be well sealed.

Put everything in the lunchbox and you’re done with a well-balanced, healthy lunch for school or work.
Don’t forget to drink enough water. It is best to take a refillable water with you to stay hydrated all day long.

Have a nice and tasty day,



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