Hey Taste-Explorers,

the second lunchbox contains an Italian-inspired wrap, vegetables, fruits, and one salty component olives, which I love.

What you need: IMG_7001

1 banana
2 carrots
1 handful of olives

For the wrap:IMG_7029

1 tortilla
1 tbsp cream cheese
1 handful of arugula
1 tomato
½ chicken fillet or leftover chicken
½ ball mozzarella
herb salt

How to:

If you do not have any leftover meat, fry the salted chicken fillet until it’s all over. Cut the cooled chicken into 1 cm thin slices.

Spread in the middle of tortilla a rectangle of cream cheese. Place the arugula, the sliced ​​tomato and mozzarella ball, as well as the chicken fillet on top of the rectangle.

Fold in the sides of the tortilla and roll it into the wrap shape. Cut the warp in half.

Cut the banana and carrots into bite-sized pieces. Put everything in a lunchbox and enjoy at school or work.

Have a nice and tasty day,


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