3 kinds of sandwiches

Hey Taste-Explorers, this is the last recipe of the snack week and I have three different sandwiches with an avocado-salmon filling, spinach-feta filling and a homemade beef tartare. All three variations are super delicious and an absolute eye-catcher. What you need: Tramezzini or toast bread For the avocado salmon rolls (amount is enough for 8-12 … Continue reading 3 kinds of sandwiches

Homemade bread with caramelized tomato butter

Hey Taste-Explorers, Todays’ combination is typical for Italy and one of my favorites. Homemade bread tastes so much better than a bread bought from the supermarket. And with caramelized tomato butter you impress everyone who tries it.   What you need:  Olives Dried Tomatoes for the caramelized tomato butter: 100g cherry tomatoes 150g butter Salt … Continue reading Homemade bread with caramelized tomato butter